The company FIRLEJ GmbH & Co. KG exists in the current legal status since August 2011, it is a complete continuation
of the in May 1993 founded Firlej & Partner. Since that time it has been established in Untergruppenbach / OT Donnbronn,    near Heilbronn.

P1010028_Kopie.JPG  Our field of activity, always related to the requests and demands of the concrete
  products manufacturer, has been extended over the years accordingly.

  In the beginning we were an administration office for several commercial 
  representatives of the concrete industry
. The technical competence  of the
  founder, graduate engineer, Mr. Grzegorz Firlej, was soon known
  and appreciated among experts

  An intensive contact to several machine producers as well as to manufacturers
  of the concrete products and at the same time a high technical know-how led
us to an active cooperation in the area of development and optimization of technical solutions and planning of manufacturing    plants.

A continuously growing inquiry for second-hand machines and complete plants, where there are required: professional dismantling, advice, individual planning and installation according to the local given facts, all the way to commissioning finally decided about the main task of the company.

The first successful projects quickly became known by mouth-to-mouth propaganda and have brought in more extensive orders.

Some of today´s leading concrete block manufacturer – especially in the Eastern part of Europe – began building their concrete production facility with the equipment delivered, installed and put into operation by us.

For several years, the company has been regarded as a renowned supplier of new equipment: machinery and components for concrete block production.

FIRLEJ GmbH & Co. KG is also worldwide known as a reliable partner for a changing or a re-location of the manufacturing equipment, where it will take over such tasks as professional dismantling, loading, transportation
and turnkey construction of the entire equipment.

The long-time experience along with the practical application of the technical know-how makes FIRLEJ GmbH & Co. KG to a leading provider of complete solutions for building up fully equipped concrete plants, batching and mixing plants or even smaller production units – all based both, on second-hand and new equipment.